Chemical Brothers Reveal New Album Tracklist, Collaborators, Minty Fresh Fragrance

Are you Willy Mason, Fatlip, Ali Love, Midlake, or The Klaxons? If so, congratulations! You're guesting on the new Chemical Brothers album, We Are The Night. By my calculations, there's now around 18 bands or artists left in the world who haven't yet collaborated with the Chemical Brothers, which probably goes some way to explaining Willy Mason.

British nu-rave champions The Klaxons (who still haven't successfully explained what, if anything, nu-rave has to do with, er, actual rave) are playing on All Rights Reversed -- see what you did there, clever -- while Midlake appear on presumably epic album closer "The Pills Won't Help You Now." Willy Mason is playing on "Battle Scars," and Ali Love is featured on the first single from the album, "Do It Again." Most concerning of all, though, is Fatlip appearing on a track called "The Salmon Dance." I mean, seriously, dude? As much as I dig The Pharcyde, there's just some things that I don't want to see a grown man do.

We Are The Night is going to drop on June 19. The Brothers will do their usual British festival circuit, before touring America in September.

Do the salmon, yeah, the salmon, uh, uh, the salmon, yeah, OH FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING:

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