Chin Up Chin Up & Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin Tour To Bring Positivity Back to North America

Oh man, I cannot believe that Chicagoans Chin Up Chin Up & Springfieldians (thanks griffinkay!) Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin are going to tour together beginning February 15! This is going to be so great for everyone involved! These are two of the best bands! Have you never read a blog? Yes? Well, okay then, you know that this is so great. Both CUCU and SSLYBY put out records last year, and they were both great! Chin Up had This Harness Can't Ride Anything (TMT Review) and Someone Still put out Broom (Polyvinyl). Oh my stars, what a great time to be alive! Now these two bands, these two great big piles of amazing, are going to be sharing a stage for awhile. Now I know there is a God! Just kidding, I never doubted that the world is under the control of a giant man in the sky who gives you $0.25 for a baby tooth. Oops, wrong invisible, benevolent force. That aside, this is so great! Finally, some good news! No offense to the rest of the TMT stories, but man, this is exactly what the world needs now. Crap, I forgot that North America is not the world. It is all the world I will ever need, who else has things like CUCU & SSLYBY? Japan? Australia? England? Brazil? Egypt? Iran? Nope. Enjoy, North America!

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