Christina Vantzou announces new LP Nº 3 on Kranky

Christina Vantzou announces new LP Nº 3 on Kranky

Christina Vantzou, the Brussels-based Kansas composer, has announced a new album, Nº 3. A consummate visual artist with work dating back to the 90s and a former member of The Dead Texan, Vantzou’s succinctly titled new LP is the latest addition to her increasingly impressive solo catalogue. Unlike her first two releases, Vantzou composed Nº 3 within a discernible and defined structure, which she has described as “a solid mathematical scheme.” Combining modular and digital synths with a 15-piece orchestral ensemble, including a choir, the album ebbs between those core elements, with massive drones unraveling into meticulous structures.

The result is an album of grand ambition — a double LP, no less. Although Vantzou’s use of digital elements, drones, and vocal samples recalls her work with Star of the Lid’s Adam Wiltzie in their The Dead Texan duo, Nº 3 is an exceptional showcase for the evolution of her once purely intuitive compositional skills. A self-taught composer, Vantzou’s voice today is steady and in bloom, as her new tracks show us: majestic creations of delicate melancholy, elegant and moving pieces that are neither post-rock nor neoclassical, yet take the best from both worlds. Listen to “Shadow Sun,” the album’s first cut, below.

Nº 3 is out on October 3, via Kranky.

Nº 3 tracklisting:
01. Valley Drone
02. Laurie Spiegel
03. Pillar 3
04. Robert Earl
05. The Library
06. Entanglement
07. CV
08. Cynthia
09. Stereoscope
10. Pillar 5
11. Moon Drone
12. Shadow Sun
13. Pillar 1
14. The Future

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