Christopher Owens leaves Girls. Well, where’d he leave them? HA. HA. HA. HA. HA.

Christopher Owens leaves Girls. Well, where'd he leave them? HA. HA. HA. HA. HA.

You’ve probably got the backstory on Girls down now. There’s this guy in the band, he was raised in this cult. He had a crazy life with the cult, then he left the cult and later started a band in San Francisco. They released two records called Album and Father, Son, Holy Ghost, as well as an EP called Broken Dreams Club. Insert some large periods of times between events. You’ve got it, you can wrap your head around Girls.

Well. That guy, the one who was in the cult? His name’s Christopher Owens and he is leaving Girls. On July 2, he announced through his Twitter account (props on having the name @chri55ybaby) that he was leaving the band. Despite this, he clarified that he would still be writing and recording music.

Which is fine and well, but where does that leave Girls? The band consisted mainly of two core members, Owens and bassist/producer J.R. White. Will White continue on with Girls? Will the band call it quits? What about the Lena Dunham show Girls? Well, that last one isn’t really relevant, but it’s the only one with secure answers. White hasn’t released a statement on the future of the band, though the word “breakup” was not mentioned in any of Owens’s statements. The television show Girls will go on for at least another season.

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