Chromatics release Camera, a vinyl-only EP that isn’t Dear Tommy

Chromatics release Camera, a vinyl-only EP that isn't Dear Tommy

The moment has arrived! Last month, Chromatics released “Black Walls,” the first single off of their long-awaited, oft-delayed, once-destroyed fifth studio album Dear Tommy. Soon after, Chromatics and Italians Do It Better overlord Johnny Jewel dropped 21 tracks worth of themes for television with his album Themes For Television (which wasn’t even the first full-length album he’d released this year!)

Sigh… SO MUCH music in the Chromatics-Dear Tommy orbit, and yet – other than a vague, completely breakable promise of “coming Fall 2018” — no official announcement of the Chromatics album Dear Tommy. I mean, I don’t want to sound cliché, but it really is happening again; because when I said “the moment has arrived,” I meant a moment for another Chromatics release that isn’t Dear Tommy! (But hey, it’s still new Chromatics music, who are we to complain!)

Today, Chromatics are unveiling Camera, an eight-song EP only available on vinyl, and only via Italians Do It Better. Oh, and here’s a fun fact: it’s out now. Not future. Not past. NOW.

Camera is made up of unreleased material; its title track a love story told from the perspective of a camera, “asking to be held up to see the world through the eyes of its user.” Also included in this batch of eight: an alternate, “haunting” take on Dear Tommy’s title track.

So, being that there is an alternate version of the title track to Dear Tommy, this surely indicates that there is a primary version of the title track to Dear Tommy out there in the world. Which means that, somewhere out there, Dear Tommy EXISTS, has a title track, and is just waiting to be officially re-announced any day now…

Until then, however, Camera is out right now via Italians Do It Better. There are no tracks from the EP available to stream, so please accept its tracklisting, along with the video for “Black Walls,” the aforementioned lead single off that album I’ve already mentioned by name eight times and don’t care to type out again, down below.

Camera EP tracklisting:

01. Camera
02. Camera (Vocal)
03. Camera (Instrumental)
04. Magazine (Club Mix)
05. The Taste Of Blood
06. Flashback To Forever
07. Dear Tommy (On Film)
08. Magazine (Club Instrumental)

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