Chuck Cirino’s original Chopping Mall score released on LP because you don’t have enough anxiety in your life already

Chuck Cirino's original Chopping Mall score released on LP because you don't have enough anxiety in your life already

Running a label that strictly puts out reissues has always seemed like a daring move to me, repackaging sounds that could probably be found elsewhere for cheaper, usually focusing on a niche genre. Seems like you could easily end up cooking a plate of caramelized apathy with an ennui reduction. Luckily the relatively new Waxwork Records has been knocking it out of the park lately with their horror movie soundtrack reissues, which have included scores from classics like Rosemary’s Baby and Day of the Dead.

Waxwork has dug deeper into the horror movie canon with their newest release, exhuming Chuck Cirino’s Chopping Mall score (a movie originally released under the equally absurd name Killbots). Per usual, sonics and packaging are the top priorities — the songs are culled from the original master tapes (first time this baby’s appeared on vinyl!) and art for the sleeves and inserts comes from the Australian design powerhouse with an appropriately insane name, We Buy Your Kids. The album is available on 180 g neon green haze or fluorescent pink vinyl; both versions come with liner notes from both Cirino and the film’s screenwriter Steve Mitchell. Waxwork plans to release the LP on OH MY GOD IT’S OUT NOW AND IT’S RIGHT BEHIND YO—

Chopping Mall tracklist:

01. Main Title
02. Come Out And Play
03. Do They Kill Cockroaches
04. Shopping Death
05. Showdown
06. Burning Terror
07. Running Rampant
08. Fergie’s Dead
09. Zombiebot
10. The One In The Middle
11. Scary
12. Crawling Around
13. Love Theme
14. End Title
15. Have A Nice Day
16. Chopping Mall Suite

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