Chunklet to release the sounds of a legendary prank call to Wendy’s on vinyl

Chunklet to release the sounds of a legendary prank call to Wendy’s on vinyl

Chunklet, everyone’s favorite curmudgeonly Georgia-based magazine/publisher/label, has just announced its latest assemblage of sounds cut into that good ol’ black goop. In the past they’ve released albums from artists such as Man… or Astro Man? and Obnox, reissues of landmark works from Harvey Milk, Olivia Tremor Control, and Don Caballero, as well as a compilation from the Rock*A*Teens, but this time around there will be no tunes to bob your head to. Oh no, not this time, for you see this release will feature a seven-minute prank phone call made to a Wendy’s by somebody claiming to be from the corporate office. And in fact, the release is credited to The Corporate Office. Fancy that.

Unlike your usual prank call fare (the Jerky Boys, the Tube Bar bootlegs, yellow dudes inspired by the Tube Bar bootlegs), this call is less concerned with outrageous characters on either end of the line than holding a brilliant game of action/reaction, culminating in what was likely one man’s final action as a member of the Wendy’s “family.” Have a listen to the call here. It’s a helluva lot more enjoyable than watching Compliance or an episode of Law and Order: SVU.

The call will be released on a one-sided 12-inch in a deluxe Stoughton tip-on jacket and is limited to an edition of 100, so head over to Chunklet’s Bandcamp page and pre-order yours.

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