CHVRCHES return to the pulpit to announce new album Love Is Dead, new single “My Enemy” feat. The National’s Matt Beringer

CHVRCHES return to the pulpit to announce new album Love Is Dead, new single "My Enemy" feat. The National's Matt Beringer
Photo: Danny Clinch


Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook and Martin Doherty — the holy trinity that constitute dreamy Glasgow synth-pop trio CHVRCHES have risen again to announce the GOOD NEWS that their third album, Love Is Dead, is coming to save the wretched sinners of planet earth on May 25 via Glassnote Records.

Whether or not its arrival in our midst will spontaneously cause lame beggars to walk and blind men to see is still technically TBD — but we can take it on faith that the group’s forthcoming 13-track hymnal is “at times euphoric and others bittersweet, it is an album about growing up and, according to Mayberry, ‘coming to terms with the fact that there are great things in the world and there are awful things in the world and that you can’t get one without the other.’” Sounds like some good-old-fashioned religion to me!

And since, much like Eternal Salvation itself, CHVRCHES know that you probably want to get your hands on some of this soul-sanctifying action ASAP, they’ve also generously offered up a new taste of what’s to come courtesy the album’s second single “My Enemy” — a shiny, ethereal banger that features The National’s Matt Beringer on vocals. “We’ve all been huge fans of The National for a long time,” Mayberry says. “We never realistically thought he’d have time to do it, but he replied right away and recorded the track at his house the next day.” It’s a miracle!

Want another miracle? Boom: you can totally get a head start on saving your inglorious ass just by clicking this link here to pre-order the album! Boy, gott love all these shortcuts! Sometimes coming into contact with the transcendent mystery of the universe just doesn’t get any easier.

Love Is Dead tracklisting:

01. Graffiti
02. Get Out
03. Deliverance
04. My Enemy
05. Forever
06. Never Say Die
07. Miracle
08. Graves
09. Heaven/Hell
10. God’s Plan
11. Really Gone
12. ii
13. Wonderland

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