Circuit des Yeux announces US dates, shares video for “Do the Dishes”

Circuit des Yeux announces US dates, shares video for "Do the Dishes"

So we already told you once about Circuit des Yeux’s new album on Thrill Jockey, but we could tell you weren’t listening by the way you just kept on nodding and smiling and looking at your phone, even though we ended every sentence with “and you are ugly and smell bad.” Remember that? Of course you don’t! “Hey reader,” we said, “Haley Fohr’s next album is called In Plain Speech; it’s out May 19, and you can pre-order it now and also you are ugly and you smell bad,” and you just kept on texting your friend Kelly like it was nothing. Nothing!

Whatever, though. It’s fine. We’re not mad. To show you how thoroughly not mad we are, we even brought some Circuit des Yeux tour dates along with us. And we even went to the trouble of embedding the recently-premiered (by way of an interview with Jezebel) video for “Do the Dishes” off of Fohr’s forthcoming album. It’s slightly NSFW for both ground beef-related and non-ground-beef-related reasons that we won’t spoil, but it’s an interesting visual extension of the song’s themes. The song itself is of a piece with Fohr’s continual shift toward more “songy songs” (a technical term) like on 2013’s Overdue, though it has not dispensed with the dreamy edge she’s so long carried. Watch the video below:


05.19.2015 - Chicago, IL - Rockefeller Chapel
06.06.2015 - Vancouver, BC - China Cloud (Levitation)
06.29.2015 - Columbus, OH - Mint Collective
06.30.2015 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda’s
07.01.2015 - Washington DC - Union Arts
07.02.2015 - New York, NY - Subculture
07.03.2015 - Brooklyn , NY - Trans-Pecos
07.05.2015 - Portsmouth, NH - 3S Artspace
07.06.2015 - Providence, RI - Aurora
07.07.2015 - Montreal, QC - La Sala Rossa w/ Xylouris White
07.08.2015 - Toronto, ON - The Drake Hotel w/ Xylouris White
07.09.2015 - Detroit, MI - UFO Factory
07.10.2015 - Cincinnati, OH - Ice Cream Factory

In Plain Speech tracklist:

01. KT 1
02. Do The Dishes
03. Ride Blind
04. Dream Of TV
05. Guitar Knife
06. Fantasize The Scene
07. A Story Of This World
08. KT 5
09. In The Late Afternoon

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