Circuit des Yeux plans release of new album Overdue, goes on the run from horde of angry librarians

Circuit des Yeux plans release of new album Overdue, goes on the run from horde of angry librarians

Haley Fohr has been called “the greatest menace facing our libraries today.” I didn’t believe it either until I asked a good friend of mine, a young librarian with bright eyes and big ideas, about Fohr and it froze him in gibbering fear. He managed finally to whisper, “She is the danger. She is the one who knocks. She of the late fees, the torn plastic hardback coverings, the un-rewound Doctor Who VHS tapes.” Apparently she’s got librarians across America scared. And we all know what librarians do when they’re scared: they take up arms.

In search of a normal life away from the fist of the librarian, Fohr adopted the name Circuit des Yeux, and started releasing music to throw off the scent. She also left the town where she started all this library menacing, Bloomington, IN (home of a library that’s literally shaped like a goddamn Borg cube), for Chicago (a town that’s got more libraries than I could count in the 15 seconds I spent counting before I decided knowing an actual number wouldn’t contribute much to the joke). Given the fact that she moved from a small town with relatively few libraries to one with more libraries than I could be bothered to count, her strategy seems to be “hide in plain sight.” Which, I mean, whatever, but that doesn’t seem like a great move given the fact that librarians are pretty much by definition really great at finding shit that’s in plain sight (shelves, anyone??)

Pursuant to this strategy, she’s announced that she’ll be releasing a new full-length on October 1 entitled Overdue. It’s reportedly a concept album about how, since time is just a false human concept, late fees are actually kind of bogus. Though in the past she’s released music with the likes of De Stijl and Magnetic South, Overdue appears to be self-released. Either that, or it’s out on a label called “______” which seems both unlikely and difficult to Google. Overdue is of a piece with her continual sonic shifting, pulling back a bit from her earlier experimental work, and offering instead more ambitious and sophisticated arrangements. Fohr will tour in support of the album this fall. To put it more accurately, she’ll be attempting to outrun the bespectacled, screaming, book-ish mob at her back. Catch her if you can!

Overdue tracklist:

01. Lithonia
02. Hegira
03. Nova
04. Acarina
05. Bud & Gin
06. My Name is Rune
07. I Am
08. Some Day


08.10.13 - Helsinki, Finland - Flow Festival
08.21.13 - Chicago, IL - The Empty Bottle
09.07.13 - Chicago, IL - Constellation (Album Release Show)
09.21.13 - Milwaukee, WI - Riverwest Public House*
09.22.13 - Madison, WI - Dragon Fly Lounge*
09.23.13 - Minneapolis, MI - Cause*
09.24.13 - Iowa City, IA - Trumpet Blossom*
09.25.13 - Omaha, NE - Oleavers*
10.14.13 - Chicago, IL - Alhambra Palace#
10.16.13 - St. Louis, MO - Old Rock House#
10.17.13 - Columbia, MO - Mojos#
10.18.13 - Springfield, MO - Outland Ballroom#
10.19.13 - Norman, OK - The Opolis Norman#

# Bill Callahan
* Spires That in the Sunset Rise
+ Ryley Walker

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