Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Release Some Loud Thunder, Strange Weather Patterns Aroused

"That's some loud thunder," said Barb. She was on the front porch, on her wooden rocker -- rocking, rocking hard and fast. The cool evening air swept across the sweet, dewy, rolling hills of her bosom. She breathed in and out, the hills bouncing above and below sea level, defying all laws of nature and global warming. The intense heat wafted from Barb's breasts. She, like the men from her last trip to the general store, watched as the steam rose.

Barb had always stolen looks. She was like a supermodel in those fancy fashion magazines you see in the big city. She was a scrumptous piece of pie, a piece of pie with undulating fields of boobs. Barb surely was a sight to see. Men would travel from miles around to get a glimpse of one of the great wonders of the natural world. You see, Barb's breasts drove men wild, but she drove other things to go wild, too.

Her breasts were so amazing, so hot that they created their own weather patterns. She was a walking warm front, clashing with the jet stream and the hot, lusting hearts of men. Barb tried her best to keep her personal El Nino tucked away under towels and tin foil, but on a night as magical as this, so cool and refreshing, the breeze rips through the tin foil and swirls around them like a man's hand might.

But, to the dismay of every man in the county, the hand of the wind is greater than any mere mortal. Suddenly, thunder rolls and crashes, scaring the dog by Barb's side. "Some loud thunder!" she reiterates in a louder, if not breathier, voice. The clapping of the thunder grows more intense; flashes of light zap her elbows and eye sockets. Barb starts to rock faster in her chair... faster.... harder. And then there it is! Music. Diluted by the thunder and rain, the music fights its way to the forefront. What are those much-hyped tunes? Is it another effect of Barb's magical boobs of weather fury?

No. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah are releasing their second album, Some Loud Thunder on January 30. Here's the tracklist from their website:

1. Some Loud Thunder
2. Emily Jean Stock
3. Mama, Wonʼt You Keep Them Castles in the Air and Burning?
4. Love Song No. 7
5. Satan Said Dance
6. Upon Encountering the Crippled Elephant
7. Goodbye to Mother and the Cove
8. Arm and Hammer
9. Yankee Go Home
10. Underwater (You and Me)
11. Five Easy Pieces

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