Grab your post-glowsticks for post-rave artist Clark’s US tour dates

Grab your post-glowsticks for post-rave artist Clark's US tour dates

Warp Records describes electronic musician Clark as “more Berghain than Guggenheim,” which is both an awesome and sorta snotty way of saying his music is more “hands in the air” than “blip blip blip bloop blip.” But yooooooou knooooow, in a more CULTURED way than in a FRAT BRO way. In a “post-rave” way. In a “robots encountering humanity and vice versa” way, but not in a Daft Punk “get down and twerk to Robin Thicke” way, more in an “existential and lonely yet beautiful and dark” way.

But what good are words — cold, distant, overly quotation-mark-using WORDS — when you can actually peep this Clark track yourself? “The Grit in the Pearl” comes to us off of Clark’s upcoming self-titled album, due November 3 via Warp. Until then, you can catch the man/the mystery/the post-rave at a few events here in the ol’ USA, including doing a special ambient set before Massive Attack in L.A.


10.16.14 - Los Angeles, CA - The Greek *
10.18.14 - New York, NY - The Bunker at Output

* Massive Attack

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