Classically trained guitarist Marisa Anderson doesn’t sing, but DOES sign to Thrill Jockey ahead of European tour

Classically trained guitarist Marisa Anderson doesn't sing, but DOES sign to Thrill Jockey ahead of European tour
Photo: Jason Quigley

Luckily, unlike the cross-country walks that acclaimed guitarist, composer, and collaborator Marisa Anderson participated in when she was in her 20s, the Chicago-based Thrill Jockey didn’t necessarily have to scour the earth in order to get a sense of the Portland-based artist’s talent for combining new and old into warm, typically bluesy tracks that are otherwise starkly American.

Why not? Because: the Internet exists, and it has music on it. After all, anyone with the means anywhere on the planet can purchase Anderson’s latest (and overall, sixth) album Into the Light via her Bandcamp page right now. Wham, bam, boom: instant musical cosmopolitanism.

Regardless, Anderson is now officially affiliated with Thrill Jockey, and no doubt that promises a new album at some point in the near future. In the mean time, however, she’s literally on the verge of beginning a European tour, where presumably her guitar, lap steel, and whatever other instruments she tows along will be utilized as a means of indirectly honoring American musical tradition — that of the Southwest, or perhaps those Blue Ridge Mountains that we’ve heard so much about?

Either way, check the dates down below, maybe after clicking on a few of the following buttons in your underwear and sampling some free content from the comfort of your very own living room!

Marisa Anderson European tour:

11.03.17 - Glasgow, UK - The Old Hairdressers
11.05.17 - Todmorden, UK - The Golden Lion
11.06.17 - London, UK - The Social
11.07.17 - Bristol, UK - Southbank Club
11.09.17 - Berlin, DE - We Make Waves Festival
11.10.17 - Utrecht, NL - Le Guess Who? Festival
11.11.17 - Kortrijk, BE - Sonic City Festival
11.12.17 - Neerpelt, BE - TBC
11.13.17 - Lille, FR - Le Cafe & Diskaire
11.14.17 - Nantes, FR - TBC
11.15.17 - Angers, FR - TBC
11.16.17 - Rennes, FR - Des Pies Chicalillent
11.17.17 - Paris, FR - Le Zorba
11.18.17 - Madrid, ES - La Faena
11.19.17 - Barcelona, ES - El Pumajero
11.20.17 - Milan, IT - Gatto
11.21.17 - Padova, IT - Buscaglione
11.22.17 - Reggio Emilia, IT - La Polvierera
11.23.17 - Montevarchi, IT - Pian Della Fonte
11.24.17 - La Spezia, IT - Frame
11.25.17 - Bergamo, IT - TBC
11.26.17 - Novara, IT - TBC

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