Climb in your weed van to buy Cheech And Chong’s Up in Smoke 40th anniversary collector’s edition on 04.20

Climb in your weed van to buy Cheech And Chong's Up in Smoke 40th anniversary collector's edition on 04.20

The Citizen Kane of stoner comedy is FINALLY getting the triple double deluxe collector’s edition treatment that is the natural right of landmark cinema.

It ain’t the Criterion Collection, but the venerable Paramount Home Media Distribution has announced that it’ll be releasing Cheech & Chong’s 1978 film debut Up in Smoke in two variably lavish expanded packages in April.

The Up In Smoke 40th anniversary Deluxe Collector’s Edition will be released (naturally) on April 20 — a.k.a. 04.20.

The “regular” (and less appreciably 04.20-ish) Up In Smoke 40th Anniversary Blu-ray Combo pack will be released on April 10.

The Deluxe Collector’s Edition, however, is a big fat…well, fucking MADMAN. Limited to 5,000 copies, its features include:

  • The soundtrack on both CD and vinyl, and the CD includes both a new “2018 version” (What does this mean? No further explanation is given!) of the title track, and a second previously unreleased version featuring an extra verse in Spanish from Cheech. This release marks the first time the soundtrack has been in print on vinyl since its 1978 release.
  • A 7-inch picture disc featuring “Earache My Eye” and “Lost Due To Incompetence (Theme From A Big Green Van)” with an image of Cheech on the A-side and the weed van’s “YESCA” license plate on the B-side.
  • Some commemorative rolling papers.
  • A poster.
  • A booklet featuring photos essays by Cheech and Chong themselves.

Both packages include a new documentary called How Pedro Met the Man: Up in Smoke at 40. And a single-disc DVD version of Up in Smoke is also being issued to commemorate the anniversary, in case you’re like 70 years old and just want that.

For more info and pre-ordering info, head here.

Okay, man, let’s roll the clip!

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