Club Chai plot out U.K. tour where they hope to bond with locals over their love of tea

Club Chai plot out U.K. tour where they hope to bond with locals over their love of tea

It’s time to bust-out your finest cardamom, cloves and, ginger, and star anise, people: Oakland, CA’s hippest dance label and event coordination squad Club Chai are set to continue a landmark year that saw the release of their first major compilation (and what a EUREKA! moment that was! [wink and/or nod]) with a new tour in the U.K. that will bring their legendary parties to the trendiest venues across the pond throughout September.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Club Chai ethos, let me lay down some dank context: Club Chai made a name for themselves with an event series co-curated by DJ/producers 8ULENTINA and foozool that “centres diasporic narratives, women and trans artists, DJs, and producers” for nights that focus on “hybridizing non-western sounds with club music.” It’s all a lot of high-spirited, collective-focused fun, and it’s finally coming to a bizarrely rabbit-shaped constitutional monarchy/parliamentary democracy near you!

The tour has been coordinated in a partnership with like-minded U.K. label Tobago Tracks and will be “channeling the chaotic and at times beautiful energy from [Club Chai’s] west-coast parties directly through the sound systems of some of our most forward-thinking venues.” “What are these so-called forward-thinking venues?” you ask extremely rhetorically? Well, you can check out the full list of dates and places below, under a new mix from 8ULENTINA and foozool themselves courtesy of the TRUANTS imprint. Happy U.K.-ing!

Club Chai Party-On-the-Left-Side-of-the-Road tour:

09.14.17 - Glasgow, Scotland - Arts School
09.16.17 - Manchester, England - Soup Kitchen
09.23.17 - London, England - Yard Theatre
09.29.17 - Sheffield, England - Audacious Art Experiment
09.30.17 - Leeds, England - Chunk

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