Colleen gets low with new LP Captain of None on Thrill Jockey; US shows announced

Colleen gets low with new LP Captain of None on Thrill Jockey; US shows announced

Since I don’t make a point to keep track of this sort of thing, add Colleen a.k.a Cécile Schott “finally” showcasing her love for Jamaican dub music to the relatively short list of phrases that I never expected to read/hear in my lifetime. Certainly, we shouldn’t expect an obvious challenge to the likes of Cameron Stallones, but Colleen’s newest album is reportedly the first of hers to contain a discernible and consistent bassline. She’s following up the inspired rhythm and delay of “Breaking up the Earth” (from The Weighing of the Heart) with what can only be described as a concerted irie effort, set to make you all kinds of… [insert monologue filled with complimentary Jamaican jargon here].

Captain of None is out April 7, and in addition to the aforementioned bassy first, it’s also Colleen’s first release sponsored by the Chicago-based Thrill Jockey label. “It’s quite obvious that they don’t release anything because it’s hyped or fashionable,” Schott noted in an interview with FACT, where a prominent vocal presence on the new album is also mentioned. We now have what she refers to as her “poppiest” and “most experimental” album to date, with a spate of stateside performances also upcoming!

Hopefully her viola da gamba still has a noteworthy presence? For the sake of those who might be averse to dramatic change!

Captain of None tracklisting:

01. Holding Horses
02. I’m Kin
03. This Hammer Breaks
04. Salina Stars
05. Lighthouse
06. Soul Alphabet
07. Eclipse
08. Captain of None


06.11.15 - San Francisco, CA - Exploratorium (Resonance Series)
06.13.15 - Seattle, WA - Good Shepherd Center (Wayward Music Series)
06.14.15 - Seaview, WA - Sou’Wester
06.17.15 - Portland, OR - Holocene
06.18.15 - Portland, OR - Beacon Sound
06.20.15 - Chicago, IL - Constellation
06.23.15 - New York, NY - Subculture (Wordless Music Series)

[Photo: Iker Spozio]

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