Constellation Records details albums from Off World, Automatisme, and Jason Sharp

Constellation Records details albums from Off World, Automatisme, and Jason Sharp
Cover art for Off World's 1

Acclaimed Montreal label Constellation, best known for putting out most of Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s recorded material, has followed up an earlier announcement with the September 30 release of debut albums by Off World, Automatisme, and Jason Sharp. The choice isn’t arbitrary: made by “artists with an abiding dedication to album-length sonic trajectories, where the whole is emphatically greater than the sum of its parts,” the three records “mutually inform and enrich one another,” according to the label. As such, they will be offered individually and as a three-LP bundle at a special pre-order price (details to come).

1 by Off World will serve as the first volume in a series of generally electronic, studio-based, instrumental works. The album is a semi-improvised collaboration between veteran Constellation artist Sandro Perri, Blonde Redhead producer Drew Brown, Susumu Mukai (Zongamin), and M J Silver (Mickey Moonlight), touted by the label as “*sui generis* electronic music that sounds like it could have issued from any time in the past 40-50 years.”

The second release, Automatisme’s micro-noise Momentform Accumulations, comes from prolific Quebecois producer and visual artist William Jourdain, whose influences include the likes of Maica Vainio and the Raster-Noton label. Finally, the batch is topped off by A Boat Upon Its Blood, an electro-acoustic suite courtesy of Jason Sharp, an experienced Montreal avant-garde reedist and composer who nevertheless hasn’t released music under his own name before.

Listen to representative fragments of all three albums below:

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