Constellation Records get Fragile with new 3LP sets

Constellation Records get Fragile with new 3LP sets

If I were forced (or simply asked) to list record labels that I consider to be the most consistent and loyal to the craft that they represent, along with an all-around pleasing aesthetic and a back catalog that has true staying power, Constellation would surely be placed toward the top of that list. Being one of the top-notch labels out there, the Canadian mainstay has and always will throw out excellent records, never with a singular distinct sound but always interesting to the ear and head.

That doesn’t change with the next release, or should I say releases? Musique Fragile, a running compilation of three albums from three different artists, shows the label expanding into a whole different territory of physical media. The set features full-length albums from Les Momies De Palerme, Nick Kuepfer, and Khôra, all nestled into one visually stimulating package that can be snagged on 180-gram vinyl or CD. All you package-heads are probably gonna want to swing for the vinyl run in order to grab the three 12-inch screen-printed jackets for each release that are all delicately housed in a cardboard sleeve. If it sounds fancy, it’s because it probably is. Oh, and did I also mention that this is going to be a continuing series? Well now I did.

Treat your senses to some bliss by pre-ordering yourself a copy of Musique Fragile Vol. 1. Check out a track too at the Chocolate Grinder.

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