Constellation Tatsu takes us into the void and beyond, drops Spring Batch today

Constellation Tatsu takes us into the void and beyond, drops Spring Batch today

Like sands through the hour glass, time slips away; life presses ever onward. Friends come and go, and we move on with our lives, inching ever closer to being the person at a party talking about the great investment package they have through work. Luckily, one reliable avenue of our world provides thoughtful, meditative sounds for our listening pleasure. Oakland, CA’s Constellation Tatsu continues combing scenes, tones, and zones from around the world, in the search of adventurous, peaceful records. And today (May 14), C-Tatsu is dropping four thoughtful, carefully considered collections, as part of their Spring 2018 batch.

As the follow-up to his deep, emotional Idle Worship release on Sounds of the Dawn, Alex Crispin’s Open Submission, with the title track streaming below, is a masterful stroke of restrained ambient guitar and synths. The tune submerses you in its washed out, melancholy atmosphere. I want to be here all the time, let me tell you!

Next comes the soothing, pastoral adventures of Japanese composer Chihei Hatakeyama. “Blue Reminder,” off the Scene cassette, unfolds an ethereal sonic expanse that’s welcoming you into a somnambulist state. A sound that gives new meaning to the phrase “music to get lost in,” “Blue Reminder” gently stretches past the seven minute mark, but you’ll be so zoned out you won’t know whether it’s been seven minutes or seven hours ;)

Endurance’s contribution to the batch, Shade Terrarium, continues that narcotic, late night/early morning vibe. “Sonata Primar” is what some might peg as simply “background music,” but the soft keys and quiet field recordings call to mind the feeling of a camping trip I took last summer, where even at night, despite the tranquil isolation of our campsite, the natural world provided a wealth of sounds all night long.

The final entry in Tatsu’s batch comes courtesy of Spanish ambient monster Lunaria. The excerpt we have from “A Higher Energy Realm,” taken from the artist’s Ascension Now release, hits the sweet spot with severely blissed-out synthscapes ready for your jamming pleasure.

While previous posts about new batches come a few weeks prior to the release date, you all are in for a treat, because today (May 15) is THE RELEASE DAY! As you are reading and listening, you can pay a visit to C-Tatsu’s Bandcamp to stream and purchase entire the Spring Batch. With tapes like these, life is good!

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