Constellation Tatsu unveil Gremlins 2: The Fall Batch, share spooky-yet-lovable tracks from each release

Constellation Tatsu unveil Gremlins 2: The Fall Batch, share spooky-yet-lovable tracks from each release

Global warming has made seasons obsolete, and it sucks. Right now, I should be reveling in fall. I should be wearing flannel, sitting in a pile of leaves, and drinking a pumpkin-spiced something-or-other to help warm me up ever so slightly on a brisk October day. Instead, I’m naked, sitting by my air conditioner, and throwing water in my face to help cool down because it’s 88 degrees out and feels like fall as I know it is dead.

Luckily, the good people over at Constellation Tatsu are doing their part to keep the spirit of seasons alive. Today, the label has unveiled their 2017 “Fall Batch” of tapes, featuring releases from Angel 1, Curved Light, The ears on the trees, and Canada Effervescent.

Each of these four releases features the kind of calm, comforting ambient music Constellation Tatsu has come to be known for, and each is sure to soothe you through these unseasonably warm fall days. Plus, they’ll make perfect companions for all of your pumpkin-centric journeys once the real fall weather arrives (a week or so before the brutal, punishing winter hits.)

If you’re still not convinced, have a listen for yourself. Tiny Mix Tapes is happy to premiere a cozy, nutmeg-infused MEGAMIX featuring a baker’s half-dozen of samples from all four muffins in the “Fall Batch.” Wander through the neon-lit streets at night with “Volunteering” off of Angel 1’s Terra Nova. Or maybe tumble through the confines of your mind with “Dream Sequence” off of Curved Light’s Quartzsite? Then, chill out by Meditating on the sunrise (ideally over Fiji) with “Fiji Crystals At Sunrise” off of Canada Effervescent’s Ridin’ America. Or, if it’s night time, fall asleep listening to the soft rains with “The Boat” off of The ears on the trees’ New beginnings. There’s something in here for everyone!

Stream all the season-appropriate deliciousness down below, and pre-order copies of all four releases (before that holiday rush hits) all at once from Constellation Tatsu or a la carte from over at the CTatsu Bandcamp. Fall is dead. Long live fall.

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