Container announces new LP on Spectrum Spools… I wonder what he’ll call it??

Container announces new LP on Spectrum Spools... I wonder what he'll call it??

Let’s face it: whether you’re making album after album of noise-balls electronic music under an intentionally vacuous and mysterious moniker like “Container” or cooking up boatloads of meth in your basement using only ice cream, feces, and battery acid as your active ingredients, the key is persistence, folks.

Ren Schofield has been at this Container thing sine 2011, when he first “took the world of underground electronic music by meth-like storm with the debut LP" way-way back in 2011. Although jaws were dropped and hot online music magazines named Tiny Mix Tapes the internet-over were all jazzed as meth addicts over it, he curiously didn’t stop there, dropping the follow-up LP, titled, uh… you know, LP the following year.

After that, just about any sensible person not on meth would probably think that Schofield could safely hang it up and rest on those laurels of his. But hey: FUCK YOU if you think for one second that THAT’s what’s happening, you junkie asshole. Because DUH, old boy is back at it again with a recently announced new LP (yes, yes, ALSO titled LP) on Editions Mego’s rad Spectrum Spools imprint. Boom! Can I write the news or can’t I!?

The new record, which is coming out hard and totally-2-the-max on June 8, is being described by the people who funded it as the “most explosive offering in the Container oeuvre, capturing the raw and unhinged essence of the live Container experience while exploring new compositional and sonic limits.” You can decide for yourself the extent to which you wholeheartedly agree with this statement by checking out the video for opener “Eject” down below. Then, once you’re in pretty complete agreement that everything you’re hearing sounds suitably “architecturally dextrous” and “club-minded,” you can jam on over and pre-order the thing on any vinyl or digital format of your choice, including vinyl and digital! Hahahaha. No. Seriously.

There. Now, wasn’t that just some great news? That I just wrote? For you to read? On Tiny Mix Tapes? Dot com? C’mon and back me up here, you zip heads!

LP tracklisting:

01. Eject
02. Remover
03. Cushion
04. Absorb
05. Peripheral
06. Appliance
07. Calibrate

• Container:
• Spectrum Spools:

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