Coolest High School Computer Teacher Ever Captures Your Heart… With a Heart-Shaped Record; Details of a Unique Vinyl Subscription in This Story!

Once upon a time, there was a little high school computer teacher who loved music. That's right, apparently there is at least one high school computer teacher in the world who is cool. I know that your high school computer teacher wore a pocket protector and had a twitch, but bear with me, here. So this music-loving faculty member started an eency weency record label called People in a Position to Know. The label is so itty bitty, in fact, that they haven't released any albums yet.

They have a plan, though. Allow me to editorialize, here: it is a pretty fucking awesome plan. People in a Position to Know wants to put you in a position to know about its Limited Edition Vinyl Subscription Series. Beginning this November, you can sign up to receive six clear vinyl records, including an assortment of 8-inch square, heart-shaped, triangular, and hexagonal records, as well as more conventionally-shaped 10- and 12-inchers. Among bands already lined up to contribute to the series are such impressive names as Jad Fair, Wooden Wand, The Poster Children, and The Wrens. Those of you who remember the dearly departed Sub Pop Singles Club are, well... you're just older than I am.

One of the craziest things about this venture is that neither the bands — each selected simply because People in the Position to Know love them so much — nor the label will be making any profit from it. Your $65.00 subscription will be just enough to cover producing and shipping the records.

So have I sold you record nerds on this series yet? What if I tell you that there will be only 100 subscriptions offered, and that you have to sign up for the People in a Position to Know mailing list to get them? Those folks will send an e-mail some time in late October or early November to give you your chance to join their big, happy, non-profit, music-lovin' family.

Don't it just make your record-shaped heart fill with love?

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