Cooly G announces new album Wait ‘Til Night, revealing her true identity

Cooly G announces new album Wait 'Til Night, revealing her true identity

As with label peer Burial and former label peer Zomby, no one knows who Cooly G is. Despite multiple efforts on our part to dig beyond the music and sink our claws into the flesh of Cooly G’s “real life,” the soulful Hyperdub donness has maintained an air of secrecy. Supposedly, label head Kode9 has only seen her once, describing her as “on some Blade Runner shit.”

Here’s the full list of facts we know about Cooly G:

1. She’s released one album, Playin’ Me.
2. She has a second album coming out called Wait ‘Til Night.

This is the album through which Cooly G will finally reveal her identity. That’s why it’s called Wait ‘Til Night, because you have to wait ‘til the night of October 20 to find out who she really is. The album is described as “lo-fi bedroom music” and a “highly original take on R’n’B” blending dancehall, American R’n’B, and “dark synthpop.” We cannot confirm the identity of the girl on the cover, but internet theorists speculate it is one of many Cooly G imposters.

While we wait for the truth to be revealed, check out the tracklist and this video of her playing live at the Boiler Room.

Wait ‘Til Night tracklist:

01. Wait ‘Til Night
02. Like a Woman Should
03. Your Sex
04. I Like
05. Dancing
06. A Quick Question
07. Want
08. So Deep
09. 1st Time
10. Freak You
11. Fuck with You
12. The 3 of Us

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