Cornelius announces first album in 11 Years Mellow Waves, shares video for new song “If You’re Here”

Cornelius announces first album in 11 Years Mellow Waves, shares video for new song "If You're Here"
Yes, dudes and dudettes: Major League Butt-kicking is back in town.

Okay. That’s a wrap! We can all de-activate our SoundClouds and go home now. Turns out that Cornelius — a.k.a. Japanese producer Keigo Oyamada; a.k.a. the ORIGINAL sound-collage-maestro and top-shelf orchestrator of playful, electro-acoustic music, a.k.a…uh, well, CORNELIUS, man! — is back. He wants to thank all us amateur tinkerers for holding down the fort, but he’s he’s pretty much got it from here!

The venerable old master’s first new album in 11 years (a number so large that I don’t even have to spell it out in-full for you) is called Mellow Waves, and it crashes ashore July 21 courtesy of Rostrum Records. He doesn’t quite “feel like” letting us see the pre-order info for it yet, but in the mean time, he’s seen fit to bestow upon us mortals the boon of a new video for the album’s first single “If You’re Here.” The clip was directed by Koichiro Tsujikawa who made many of the videos for Cornelius’ (most recent!) 2006 album, Sensuous. Watch it below. And tremble.

Wait, what’s that you’re saying? Before you close your Ableton sessions and Fruity Loops programs forever and leave experimental, electronic music-making to the professionals, you’d like to know what master Oyamada has “been up to for the past decade or so?”

SHUT UP. That’s what.

Mellow Waves tracklisting:

01. If You’re Here
02. Sometime/Someplace
03. Dear Future Person
04. Surfing on Mind Wave pt 2
05. In a Dream
06. Helix/Spiral
07. Mellow Yellow Feel
08. The Spell of a Vanishing Loneliness
09. The Rain Song
10. Crépuscule

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