Cosey Fanni Tutti announces TUTTI, her first solo album in 36 years

Cosey Fanni Tutti announces TUTTI, her first solo album in 36 years
Photo: Chris Carter

Avant-garde performance artist, electronic music trailblazer, and all-around radical-thought-and-action paragon Cosey Fanni Tutti has announced her second (ever [!]) solo album, titled TUTTI. 36 years removed from her debut release Time to Tell, the LP will arrive on February 9 via Conspiracy International.

Best known as a founding member of industrial pioneers Throbbing Gristle, as well as half of the electronic duo which sprang from the ashes of that band — Chris and Cosey — Tutti began her career in the arts as a performer in the Dada-inspired collective COUM Transmissions. In 2017, the collective’s retrospective opened in its birthplace of Hull, England, during which Tutti performed eight pieces composed earlier for an autobiographical documentary Harmonic Coumaction. The eight tracks, updated and re-recorded, will form the upcoming album.

Tutti’s riveting autobiography, Art Sex Music, was released in 2017. Be sure to check it out to learn more about the artist’s fascinating life, including that one time when, as an elementary school kid, she stood up to a bully with garden sheers (as directed by her father). Also, you can pre-order TUTTI here and listen to one of its fragments below:

TUTTI tracklisting:

01. Tutti
02. Drone
03. Moe
04. Sophic Ripple
05. Split
06. Heliy
07. En
08. Orenda

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