Court shuts down LimeWire; let me show you this cool new Winamp skin

Court shuts down LimeWire; let me show you this cool new Winamp skin

Yesterday, a federal court in New York ruled that file-sharing service LimeWire is to close its doors for the copyright infringement findings of last May. This ends four years of legal struggle between LimeWire founder Mark Gorton and the RIAA, who claim that LimeWire is in part responsible for the massive decline in music sales over the last 10 years. The extent of LimeWire’s damages to the recording industry will be determined by the court in January, although Judge Kimba Wood says that they will probably be “well beyond” what the company can afford.

LimeWire issued a statement saying, “While this is not our ideal path, we’re working with the music industry to move forward.” Maybe they’ll be able to establish a subscription-based service — nobody doesn’t want to sign up and pay for something like that. Meanwhile, you’ll have to borrow that copy of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot from your dormmate down the hall, if you can’t get it from Scour or Audiogalaxy.

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