CupcakKe explicitly announces explicit new album Eden, out next week

CupcakKe explicitly announces explicit new album Eden, out next week
Anyone else hungry?

You punks. You dorks. You absolute motherf*ckers. Did you really think you were only going to get one hard-a** classic album from cupcakKe this year? Pssssht! Did you honestly believe that the towering, hot-as-sh*t singles “Quiz,” “Blackjack,” and “Hot Pockets” from just a few months ago were leading up to… what, just nothing at all??? Well, as of a few days ago, I gotta say, you look like a reeeeaaaal dumb-d*ck (and I mean that).

Here’s the score: cupcakKe has served up a little tease about the follow-up to January’s instant banger Ephorize (a TMT-Certified™ First Quarter Favorite of 2018) on Twitter. It’s called Eden, and it’s out November 9. I’m not sure what the album art looks like yet, but I’m going to go ahead and guess there will be a parental advisory sticker on it.

Look below for exhibit A (the aforementioned tweet), as well as exhibits B, C, and D (music videos for the three aforementioned singles [the “D” stands for “dong”]) as to why you should get real hype for some new cupcakKe. Unfortunately, that’s all the evidence I have right now; so…just, I don’t know, hunker down until next Friday, I guess. (Just kidding, you also have to VOTE, but before and after that, you can really get a lot of hunkering done.)

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