Dais Records shifts focus from old Maurizio Bianchi to new Maurizio Bianchi (and Sissy Spacek!)

Dais Records shifts focus from old Maurizio Bianchi to new Maurizio Bianchi (and Sissy Spacek!)

Dais Records, that bicoastal behemoth of an experimental label, did a great thing for noise fans back in 2010. Their reissue of Italian de-composer Maurizio Bianchi’s privately pressed 1983 Endometrio was so crucial I can’t even remember my life before it was released. They have now shifted their sights to the present tense.

On June 24, Dais is shipping out two very special 7-inches to all us greedy little vinyl collectors. M.B. is featured on one, showcasing his signature dirty sound in a decidedly less-lengthy format than usual. Bianchi has stepped out of his shadowy retirement a few times already… actually, judging by his Discogs page, dude never really stopped. He has, like, eight pages of releases. AmenTest promises to be just as abrasive as anything we’ve heard from Bianchi before.

Dais is simultaneously releasing a second tiny little record from the very loud Sissy Spacek, a long-term grindcore/noise project that boasts John Wiese and Charlie Mumma as its main members. This time around, they are joined by Youth Code vocalist Sara Taylor. It seems like they’ve even written real songs for the occasion.

Both 7-inches are available to pre-order from Dais directly. They only have 300 copies of each, so hurry up and change your life.

Here’s some classic M.B. to brighten up your day:

• Sissy Spacek: https://www.facebook.com/ssississpssk
• Dais: http://daisrecords.com

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