Rejoice, ye fans of New Zealand art rock! Dais to reissue The Cakekitchen’s first two albums

Rejoice, ye fans of New Zealand art rock! Dais to reissue The Cakekitchen's first two albums

The good souls over at Dais Records are bringing another unjustly forgotten gem back to the loving arms of the record-buying public! This time around it’s The Cakekitchen, the 1990s indie/post-punk band formed by multi-instrumentalist Graeme Jefferies, formerly of goth/punk band Nocturnal Projections and Flying Nun band This Kind of Punishment. And — hold up — Dais isn’t releasing just one fan favorite. Nay! They are releasing two albums! Count, two! [Insert friendly but vaguely unsettling voice of The Count from Sesame Street]

One of these reissues is the 1991 Homestead Records release, Time Flowing Backwards, a.k.a. the debut album by The Cakekitchen. Since this is a reissue, you’ll be receiving not just the original LP, but also — drum roll, please — the “entire self-titled EP material released by Flying Nun Records in 1989 along with 6 new songs recorded for the album.” It has been out of print since its original early-90s pressing. The other reissue is of The Cakekitchen’s follow-up, World of Sand. Both LPs are available in limited editions of 500.

Time Flowing Backwards tracklisting:

01. Dave The Pimp
02. Witness To Your Secrets
03. Silence Of The Sirens
04. Machines
05. File Under Files
06. Airships
07. Walked Over Texas
08. One + One = One
09. Is It Only Monday?
10. Boat To The Ceiling

World of Sand tracklisting:

01. Ordeal By Water
02. World of Sand
03. Walking On Glass
04. Don’t Be Fooled By The Label
05. Tomorrow Came Today
06. The Perfect Day
07. Dogs And Cats
08. McCarthy
09. Isle of Pittsburg
10. Crimson To Gunmetal

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