Daniel Bachman releasing self-titled album on Three Lobed Recordings

Daniel Bachman releasing self-titled album on Three Lobed Recordings

American Primitive guitar impresario has been making music in one form or another since 2011, yet somehow the dude is still only 26, plays like he’s a contemporary of John Fahey, and paradoxically was named as a new artist to watch by Rolling Stone in 2015.

Regardless of enigma or paradox, Bachman just keeps on being Bachman. Which thankfully for us means playing guitar and releasing albums, the latest of which is a self-titled record that will be released by Three Lobed Recordings on November 11. Label mate James Toth had this to say of the record:

With Daniel Bachman, the guitarist has made his most cohesive statement yet, an album by which future solo acoustic guitar albums by grown-ass men and women can and should be judged. Think of it not as Bachman’s Citizen Kane but as his Mean Streets. In other words, just you wait.

Lead single “Brightleaf Blues” can be heard here and suggests a return to the more experimental drone-leaning acoustics Bachman employed as a young whippersnapper (about three years ago).

Daniel Bachman tracklist:

01. Brightleaf Blues (I)
02. The Flower Tree
03. Wine and Peanuts
04. A Dog Named Pepper
05. Brightleaf Blues (II)
06. Watermelon Slices on a Blue Bordered Plate
07. Farther Along

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