Daniel Higgs to materialize new double CD/LP, Say God

Daniel Higgs to materialize new double CD/LP, Say God

Thrill Jockey has once again requested and received the shamanistic counsel of mantra/folk musician, artist, and mystic Daniel Higgs. Spirits of eroded mountain sides and unborn kittens will rise from unmarked tombs come May 18 of this fair year, the date that Mr. Higgs’ most recent spiritual incarnation is thrust into our universe, under the guise of Say God.

Dave Sitek provided him with some production assistance and a healthy recording space. No live shows as of now; I think he wants us to take this one in without him being physically present. At least for the time being.

Here’s the tracklist to make your mind stir:

01. Hoofprints On The Ceiling Of Your Mind
02. Song For Azariah
03. Say God
04. A Message From The Beautiful
05. Root & Bough
06. Jewel Of The East
07. Tumble Down
08. Christ Among Us

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