Daniel Lopatin’s Software Recording Co. closes shop

Daniel Lopatin's Software Recording Co. closes shop

After roughly five years of existence, it looks as though Software Recording Co., the Brooklyn-based label from Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never), is closing down. No goodbye celebrations, no press release, no grand gesture of any kind. (At least not yet.) Instead, the label took to social media to post a single image (see above), its message only truly understood by scrolling through the label’s website for as long as possible.

Software Recording Co. started back in 2011 with the seminal Ford & Lopatin releases. From there, the impeccably-curated label released a slew of incredible albums from artists like GABI, Co La, Ben Zimmerman, Sculpture, and Pete Swanson. Many of its releases became TMT favorites, such as Autre Ne Veut’s Anxiety, Thug Entrancer’s Death After Life, Huerco S.’s Colonial Patterns, and of course Oneohtrix Point Never’s monumental Replica, our #1 album of 2011.

The label’s last album was Thug Entrancer’s Arcology, released back in March.

RI∞, Software, and thanks for all the music.

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