Daniel Ness announces Shy EP, shares woozy club cut “Notice Me,” featuring…himself

Daniel Ness announces Shy EP, shares woozy club cut "Notice Me," featuring...himself
Photo: Lehel Kelemen

Introversion and clubbing don’t have to be mutually exclusive — especially if you’re French/Icelandic producer Daniel Ness. His upcoming EP, which drops April 5th via Activia Benz, is titled Shy, and features an appropriately obscured shot of Ness looking pensively off into blue-tinted void.

Even more on-brand is the release’s first single, “Notice Me,” on which Ness assumes the name Shyboi and croons longingly atop warm 808 pulses and funereal chimes. The effect isn’t unlike one of those “what Redbone sounds like in a bathroom at a party” remixes that dominated social media for a few months in 2017 — it’s the conflicting rushes of relief and adrenaline that surge as you dip outside for a breath of fresh air, bass leaking through the venue walls.

You can pre-order Shy here, and stream “Notice Me” below:

Shy tracklisting:

01. Try Ridding Me Of These Layers
02. Rash Decisions
03. Notice Me (feat. Shyboi Ness)
04. Torn
05. Pas là (feat. Lala &ce 667, HNRO)
06. Cell Behaviour (Bonus Track)

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