Daptone Records has soul AND a heart, sponsors compilation for Finnish soul label Timmion Records

Daptone Records has soul AND a heart, sponsors compilation for Finnish soul label Timmion Records

What’s the state of contemporary soul and funk in 2019? Normally, we’d recruit an aspiring musicologist at the local university to answer such a subjective and philosophical genre question — but it turns out none would answer our phone calls, so we can forgo the consulting fees and maternal laundry services in favor of simply using our ears.

The Brooklyn-based Daptone Records has made a name for itself both as an outlet for its founders’ releases and those conjured by others on the same soulful wavelength, and apparently, the music exemplified across dozens of releases since 2001 wasn’t just a facade of passionate feeling (not that we ever thought it was). And the Helsinki-based Timmion Records is certainly among several labels with which Daptone has a good relationship; so accordingly, Daptone is sponsoring a new Timmion label compilation called Education, Vol. 1: Soul Hits of Timmion Records this summer.

Naturally, the album is a reflection of the musical style with which Timmion has principally concerned itself since its inception (around the same time as Daptone). You’ll find rare tracks from experienced artists like Nicole Willis and Willie West on there. It’s almost like nostalgia delivered in a present package, or that time’s somehow stood still in this lovely, unassuming corner of the music world.

Check out a soulful sampling of its tracks down below and pre-order the comp ahead of its July 19 release here.

Education, Vol. 1: Soul Hits of Timmion Records tracklisting:

01. Carlton Jumel Smith and Cold Diamond & Mink - This Is What Love Looks Like!
02. Jonny Benavidez and Cold Diamond & Mink - Tell Me That You Love Me
03. Pratt & Moody - Lost Lost Lost
04. Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators - Paint Me In A Corner
05. Ernie Hawks & The Soul Investigators - Scorpio Walk
06. Wanda Felicia and Cold Diamond & Mink - Until You’re Mine
07. Bobby Oroza - This Love
08. Bardo Martinez & The Soul Investigators - Bad Education
09. Emilia Sisco and Cold Diamond & Mink - Don’t Believe You Like That
10. Willie West - I’m Still A Man

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