David Bowie says: “Buy Station to Station again, and I’ll bring back Tin Machine”

David Bowie says: "Buy Station to Station again, and I'll bring back Tin Machine"

Bowie’s back from space with another glorious reissue of one of his albums; this time around, it’s his 10th studio album, Station to Station, which’ll be loaded up with extras and sent to stores everywhere, care of EMI. However, the twist is that Bowie, who’s been exploring the outer reaches of space in an attempt to prove that no woman in the universe is more beautiful than his wife, Iman, needs cash to buy astronaut food and has promised all of his fans that if they all buy the album, he’ll resurrect late-80s/early-90s band Tin Machine as a reward! Although no one but Bowie seems too excited about the proposed resurrection of Bowie’s band (who charted with “Under the God”), they are excited for the reissue!

If YOU’RE interested, well then you should know that you can get it on September 28, and that it’ll be available in a 3CD version (with a booklet and photos and a recording of the famed 1976 concert at Nassau, Coliseum) or in a “Packed Full of Stuff” version that includes the original album, the Nassau concert, unreleased songs, 3 LPs of the CD material, a DVD, a massive booklet, a poster, and tons of other stuff that any real fan needs.

• David Bowie: http://www.davidbowie.com
• EMI: http://www.emimusic.com

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