David Grubbs releasing new record this summer with Portuguese guitarist Manuel Mota

David Grubbs releasing new record this summer with Portuguese guitarist Manuel Mota
Left to right: sunburst telecaster, sunburst telecaster.

Hold onto your overall straps, fellow Midwesterners, it’s time for a new release from none other than our collective father David “Squirrel Daddy” Grubbs — this time alongside Portuguese guitarist Manuel Mota for Mota’s FIRST EVER U.S. RELEASE! Ope!

Out June 22 on Blue Chopsticks (a precocious child to Grubbs’s parent label Drag City), Lacrau is the first the world has heard from this particular duet of longtime friends. Recorded in real time on a warm, Lisboan afternoon, Lacrau explores Mota’s balmy, microscopic soundworlds alongside Grubbs’s signature jazz-referential finger-fretting. It takes its title from an antiquated Portuguese word for “scorpion,” as well as from the name of a cheap good-eats spot in Mota’s hometown of Ericeira. A multiplicity of meanings to represent the record’s multiplicity of feelings!

Those who don’t know Grubbs from his membership in Gastr Del Sol or Squirrel Bait may know him from his long list of collaborations — Will Oldham, Matmos, and Royal Trux, to name just a few. (Those who still don’t know Grubbs may want to READ TINY MIX TAPES ONCE IN A WHILE.)

Anyway: crack open an ice-cold pop, cook yourself up some dry-rub BBQ, and let this new record spirit you away to the coast of Portugal. Well, that is, if you go buy it first.

LACRAU tracklisting:

01. EIRA

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