David Lynch to release solo album Crazy Clown Time — wait, you’re a director ya dingus!

David Lynch to release solo album Crazy Clown Time — wait, you're a director ya dingus!

David Lynch, director of cult-hit The Straight Story, will release music of his own that promises to be audible and not misleading. The idea of Lynch providing vocals and playing guitar may feel too reminiscent of other directors’ attempts at music (e.g., Roman Polanski’s boy band days or John Hughes’ death metal project), but it’s comforting knowing that Lynch has always been a part of the memorable sounds heard in his works. For example, the ambience of the Iowa landscape balanced with the rumbling of Richard Farnsworth’s lawn mower couldn’t have been brought into focus so eloquently if not for the hideously keen ear of Lynch.

The album, Crazy Clown Time, appears to be a composite of Lynch’s psyche, and a creative outlet. Lynch recorded the tracks for the album at his own Asymmetrical Studio with engineer Dean Hurley, who also plays guitar and drums on various songs. The opening track “Pinky’s Dream” features artist Karen O, who is best known for lending vocals on an album for kid punk rock group Tiny Masters of Today.

Crazy Clown Time is as much a collection of music as it is a time for “clown-people” to behave crazily. With an open mind and open wallet, you can experience Lynch’s experimental musical qualities when the album releases on November 8 on Sunday Best Recordings with a Collector’s Edition CD, double LP with bonus tracks, and iTunes exclusive with a video.

Crazy Clown Time tracklist:

01. Pinky’s Dream
02. Good Day Today
03. So Glad
04. Noah’s Ark
05. Football Game
06. I Know
07. Strange and Unproductive Thinking
08. The Night Bell with Lightning
09. Stone’s Gone Up
10. Crazy Clown Time
11. These Are My Friends
12. Speed Roadster
13. Movin’ On
14. She Rise Up

• David Lynch: http://davidlynch.com
• Sunday Best: http://www.sundaybest.net

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