David Lynch’s Festival of Disruption returns with Justin Vernon, TV on the Radio, Sheryl Lee, and more

David Lynch's Festival of Disruption returns with Justin Vernon, TV on the Radio, Sheryl Lee, and more
Once again, Lynch is back to disrupt your cozy, insular, hermetic David Lynch-fan lifestyle.

All you covert Lynchians out there have certainly been suckered out into the light by your demigod David of late now haven’t you? What with that Twin Peaks show coming back? I know you’ve been greedily reading our excellent run of essays on the matter. (In fact, if you’ve been watching the reboot but not reading, well…START READING. I’ve no doubt that the insightful voices at TMT will enrich your experience.)

But, while I know that Harry and Coop and cherry pie and chevron seem to comprise all-things-Lynchian at the moment, there’s actually one more teeny, tiny thing that David’s up to right now. That’s right, you can’t retreat into your hole just yet, folks, hibernating until the next Lynch project is birthed. Nope; as a matter of fact, you’ll all have to PHYSICALLY gather in one place for this. Sorry.

Yes, David Lynch has announced his second Festival of Disruption, a music and performance festival curated entirely by you-know-who. Do you know who? Or have I been writing to a wall this whole time? LOL — just kidding, I know you’re smart and know all the meanings to his movies. <3

Anyway, okay, so the whole thing takes place October 14 - 15 at The Theatre at Ace Hotel in Downtown LA, and there’s quite a lineup this year. Which means, if you buck up, hose yourself off, and actually go to this thing, you’ll get to see Justin Vernon (a rare solo set from him), The Kills, TV on the Radio, Sharon Van Etten, Laura Marling, and Reggie Watts, as well as DJ Sets by Moby (who had a great and hilarious conversation with Lynch back in 2014 at the International Music Summit) and Shepard Fairey (What? But…I’m down). There will also be a series of talks moderated by the great critic Kristine McKenna, co-writer of Lynch’s forthcoming quasi-memoir Life & Work. Other personalities milling around the joint will include visual artist Ed Ruscha, actor and Lost Highway star Bill Pullman, actress Sheryl Lee (who played, of course, Laura Palmer), and comedian Pete Holmes. There also seems to be a panel discussion between “Twin Peaks Collaborators” Duwayne Dunham, Dean Hurley, Johanna Ray, and Gary D’Amico.

Oh, and WAIT, there’s EVEN MORE: two art exhibitions will go up; one by Lynch himself, the other by the photographer William Eggleston, an artist with an equally iconic vision of Americana. Then we have some “Meditation experiences” sound-tracked by Brian Eno’s Reflection) and led by Bob Roth, a major exponent and teacher of Transcendental Meditation.

And SPEAKING OF TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION: you might recall how Lynch’s own David Lynch Foundation was founded with the mission of “reducing toxic stress and trauma among at-risk populations, including the victims of domestic violence, veterans suffering from PTSD, and underserved urban youth, through the evidence-based Transcendental Meditation technique.” As such, all festival proceeds will be going towards the foundation.

Last little thing is that there will be film screenings of Lost Highway, Los Angeles Plays Itself, Don’t Look at Me, and a number of rare Lynch shorts. (Remember? David also makes movies sometimes.)

Whew! If ALL THAT doesn’t make you want to leave your gray, cold, silent home with its single, un-shaded lamp and cracked wallpaper for a couple days, I just don’t know what will. Maybe going to the festival website will help? That’s where you can get the tickets…Without even having to talk to anybody on the phone…I swear!

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