Dawn Richard shares new single “Guardian Angel,” teases 2019 album like it’s not even May of 2018 right now

Dawn Richard shares new single "Guardian Angel," teases 2019 album like it's not even May of 2018 right now

Let’s make like William Friedkin filming The French Connection and cut to the chase: Dawn Richard has a new single out on Local Action called “Guardian Angel” produced by Mumdance. It’s a dramatic, string-rich jam with a soaring chorus, and it’s just what you need on this gloomy Friday. Listen to it now on your favorite platform(s) — which I assume is TMT, so listen below! That’s an order!

But that’s not all there is to this fascinating and engrossingly-written news story! Clear your calendars, Dawn Richard fans. And I mean an actual, whole-ass calendar, because it’s gonna be some time before you hear the next album in the Dawn Richard saga. But I wouldn’t be telling you this if there wasn’t good news, too! A new album is coming, and it’s coming “at the start” of next year (that’s 2019 for all of you millennials too lazy to remember what year it is)

In the meantime, D∆WN will be dropping a series of new songs just like “Guardian Angel” (ostensibly with different lyrics, chord progressions, melodies, and production)! Leave it to an innovator like D∆WN to single-handedly keep the protracted promotional album cycle alive in an era of quick content and instantaneous information. Delayed gratification in 2018?! How marvelously droll!

But until the clock strikes 12:00 on January 1, 2019 and we can start relentlessly barraging her Instragram with increasingly obnoxious and entitled comments asking when the new album is dropping, there’s not a whole lot more to say. Just listen to “Guardian Angel” below, obviously, and be glad you finally have something to look forward to these days, I guess!

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