Dean Blunt and Arca to release 10-inch on Hyperdub

Dean Blunt and Arca to release 10-inch on Hyperdub

Last year, Dean Blunt topped our 2014 year-end list with Black Metal. This year, Arca topped our 2015 year-end list with Mutant. So is it really just a coincidence that Dean Blunt (as Babyfather) has teamed up with Arca on a new 10-inch for Hyperdub?

Of course, but we’re taking credit nonetheless! The 10-inch is for the track “Meditation,” which we heard earlier this year, with the B-side being its instrumental version. Hopefully more music from these two will be coming soon.

Pre-order the 10-inch here, and listen to the track here:

Meanwhile, Arca released a new track this morning, called “Monstruosidad.” Check it out below. Love you.

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