Dean Blunt to debut an opera called Inna, music by Mica Levi

Dean Blunt to debut an opera called Inna, music by Mica Levi

Grab your cocktail dress and the fattest blunt you can find, dear readers, because Dean Blunt is taking us out on a night at the opera. Earlier today, Hyperdub announced that the London artist has written and directed an opera called Inna. The work will premiere October 27 and 28 at the ICA London, and features music by Mica Levi (Micachu), who most notably worked with Dean Blunt on a track off Babyfather’s BBF album (our favorite release of 2016).

Here’s a description of the opera via ICA’s website:

Cause anything’s possible
Oh anything is possible

Inna follows other theater works by Dean Blunt, such as 2012’s The Narcissist; 2013’s Lord Knows, Lausanne, and I’m Just Passin Thru To Show Some Love; and 2014’s Urban. It also continues Dean Blunt’s general prolificacy, which this year alone has already gifted us a new album (as Blue Iverson), mixtape (with Babyfather), and video (for Actress).

Meanwhile, Mica Levi’s work here follows her film scores for Jackie and Under the Skin, the latter of which was our favorite film of 2014.

Get tickets for Inna here, and listen to a preview of Levi’s music below.

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