Dean Blunt shares Black Metal album details, double LP out in November; listen to “50 Cent”

Dean Blunt shares Black Metal album details, double LP out in November; listen to "50 Cent"

“When you go to the club and every record they’re playing is yours, you try to go left, and I made that mistake…there’s always time fi reason…”
— Dean Blunt in conversation with Ninjaman, JA, 2014

And that is all the explanation we get from Dean Blunt regarding his new album, just put up for preorder on the Rough Trade Webstore. Here’s what else we’re able to suss out: it is indeed called Black Metal, it’s available as a single CD or “heavy pressing” double LP, it has 13 tracks, the cover is all black, it’s out on November 3/4, and it ends with the two songs released earlier this year as part of his “Urban” performance/Cîroc Boyz promotional night. Various tour dates are scheduled around Europe in the album lead-up (see below), and thus-far-unannounced US dates are happening in November as well.

If you preorder on iTunes or Amazon digitally, you’ll get those two tracks plus this here swinging song (which was itself available for a short time earlier in the year), “50 Cent”:

Between his last solo album proper, The Redeemer, and Black Metal, Blunt has released a digital album in Russia and a mixtape on SoundCloud, staged a free jazz concert, freestyled on the radio, screened the entirety of Kevin Hart’s stand-up documentary Laugh at My Pain in a makeshift night club at the ICA, readied a new album from Hype Williams for Hyperdub, shared videos, staged plays, put on the producer hat for Joanne Robertson, and probably six or seven other things I’m forgetting. #blackmetalseazon

Black Metal tracklist:

01. LUSH
02. 50 CENT
03. BLOW
04. 100
08. X
09. PUNK
11. HUSH

Tour dates:

09.28.14 - Bristol, UK - Off The Page
10.03.14 - Barreiro, Portugal - Out.Fest
10.04.14 - Madrid, Spain - Villamanuela Festival
10.18.14 - Wroclaw, Poland - Avant Art Festival
11.13.14 - London, UK - Electrowerkz
11.21.14 - Utrecht, Netherlands - Le Guess Who? Festival
11.22.14 - Bern, Switzerland - Saint Ghetto Festival
11.23.14 - Kortrijk, Belgium - Sonic City
12.07.14 - Olomouc, Czech Republic - Paf

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