Dean Blunt shares new release titled BOOKEY

Dean Blunt shares new release titled BOOKEY
Photo: Simon Chandler

With chunky, distorted guitar and a stadium-ready drum beat, Dean Blunt enters 2018 with a scrappy, three-track release titled BOOKEY. Its rollout, of course, was curious: the instrumental first track, “BOOKEY 1,” was uploaded yesterday under a different title (“STUNNERS”), but in typical Bluntian fashion, it was just as swiftly taken down. And, since we’re all clamoring for any Blunt-related scraps thrown our way, it’s also worth noting that yesterday’s upload included the following rare, limited-edition text, which is not included in the BOOKEY version:

Soul on Fire
World Music

The “Soul on Fire” text is especially interesting, because Blunt briefly had a 30-minute track of the same name on YouTube just last week. (It’s gone now, but we have a mirrored version embedded below.) While the texts accompanying the tracks on BOOKEY aren’t as RARE and COLLECTIBLE, they do reveal this release’s guest vocalists, which include Lasse on “BOOKEY 2” and Nina on “BOOKEY 3,” the latter of whom released the same track a couple weeks ago on her SoundCloud.

Obviously nothing lasts forever in Blunt’s world, so stream BOOKEY and “Soul on Fire” below while you can. I guarantee that they’ll vanish sometime between now and the future.

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