Dean Blunt’s Babyfather to drop new album on Hyperdub

Dean Blunt's Babyfather to drop new album on Hyperdub

“1000’s of happy customers.”
– Hype Swegway™

After releasing a mixtape, zip, and scattered songs here and there, Babyfather have just announced a new album. And yes, apparently Babyfather consists of more than just TMT sweetheart Dean Blunt. The album’s called BBF hosted by DJ Escrow and includes collaborations with Arca and Mica Levi. It’s out April 1 on the incredible Hyperdub.

As the great drug lord Idris Elba put it: “Without a doubt, I guarantee that it will be in rotation at every club, at every party and coming out the speakers of every car …this makes me proud to be British.”

As Elba really put it re: Dean Blunt:

It’s clearly avant garde, and he’s a musician, no doubt. And I heard his other stuff as well, but it was just a bit too experimental for my tastes. It quickly turned into background noise for me. I didn’t find myself being drawn into what would happen next. I get that he’s brave, and I love artists who are brave. He’s clearly totally like “this is my shit, and this is my sound,” I love that and more people need to be like that. But I feel like there isn’t enough to keep me switched on. To me, this song just sounds like a loop with talking over it, and I tuned out.

I would never shut him down, because I think it’s great he has the balls to make this. But I still think listeners deserve the right to have something in there that really turns them on. I could make a whole album like this on my iPad. Although if I did, everyone would tell me to fuck right off.

Peep the tracklist below, followed by a handful of dates.

BF Hosted by DJ Escrow tracklist:

01. Stealth Intro
02. Greezebloc
03. Meditation ft Arca
04. Escrow
05. Shook
06. Motivation
08. Platinum Cookies
09. Esco Freestyle
10. Stealth
11. God Hour ft Mica Levi
12. N.A.Z
13. Juice
15. Killuminatti
16. Escrow 2
17. Deep ft Arca
18. Escrow 3
19. The Realness
20. Flames
21. Snm ft Arca
22. Stealth Outro
23. Message


04.02.16 - The Hague, NL - Rewire Festival
04.08.16 - Milan, IT - ClubtoClub Festival
04.15.16 - Gent, BE - Vooruit
05.05.16 - Krems, AU - Donau Festival

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