Dean Blunt’s Hype Williams group to release new album 10/10

Dean Blunt's Hype Williams group to release new album 10/10

Update (12:35 PM): The album is OUT RIGHT NOW. Head here for more info.

DEVELOPING NEWS: Dean Blunt’s group Hype Williams, one of TMT’s absolute favorites, appears to be releasing a new album called 10/10. According to an email from one Denna Frances Glass, the album features 10 new tracks, none of which have been released as far as we know (and yes, that includes the random Hype Williams tracks that have dropped over the last couple years).

10/10 would mark the first new Hype Williams album since 2011’s brilliant One Nation and follows Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland’s masterful Black Is Beautiful.

Meanwhile, Dean Blunt’s rap group Babyfather released debut album BBF Hosted by DJ Escrow earlier this year on Hyperdub.

10/10 tracklist:

01. Deal Breaker
02. Scary
03. Frowsy
04. Failure
05. Diva
06. Brewing
07. Rolling
08. Watch
09. Revelations
10. X-500

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