Death Cab for Cutie Add U.S. Tour, Look Even More Indie Than When They Were Actually on an Indie Label

Mango Starr: What's up dude!

Ben Gibbard: Shut up.

Mango Starr: Huh?

Ben Gibbard: I said shut up.

Mango Starr: Why? What's your problem?

Ben Gibbard: Blah blah blah, shut the fuck up.

Mango Starr: Ben... this doesn't sound like you...

Ben Gibbard: I saw what you wrote about me on Tiny Mixed Tapes.

Mango Starr: What did I write?

Ben Gibbard: You know what you wrote.

Mango Starr: Whatever... I didn't write shit.

Ben Gibbard: Oh yeah? What about this:"Death Cab for Cutie are TERRIBLE. I'd rather die than listen to Ben's stupid voice."

Mango Starr: What?? I never fucking wrote that!

Ben Gibbard: Whatever... no more getting beers when I'm in town.

Mango Starr: Oh, boo hoo. I don't give a shit. You're a mean drunk anyway.

Ben Gibbard: You just don't like us anymore because we're on a major. That's childish and stupid. Our music is as good as ever.

Mango Starr: Yeah, I mean.. I'll admit that your music is still--

Ben Gibbard: You're just a whiner. Hope you die.

Mango Starr: C'mon Ben. I was just fucking around. You know I'm not like that.

Ben Gibbard: I do, but now all your fans think you hate DCFC.

Mango Starr: Oh, don't get so emo on me.

Ben Gibbard: Fuck you.

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