Deathbomb Arc announces 20th-anniversary comp False Positive Crew, premieres song by Miguel Mendez & Jonathan Snipes (clipping.)

Deathbomb Arc announces 20th-anniversary comp False Positive Crew, premieres song by Miguel Mendez & Jonathan Snipes (clipping.)
Left to right: Jonathan Snipes, Jonathan Snipes's boss, Miguel Mendez

“Our goal remains the same as it was when we started the label: To share bleeding edge music with as wide an audience as possible.”
– Brian Miller

Twenty years ago, Brian Miller (True Neutral Crew, Foot Village, Rose For Bohdan) started Deathbomb Arc, an unparalleled label in its craving to share new sounds and take risks. Unbound by genre or audience size, the L.A. label’s fuck-you attitude has always been a source of inspiration for countless experimentalists, helping to launch the careers of clipping., Death Grips, and Julia Holter, and releasing bold works from other TMT favorites like Black Pus, Yellow Swans, AIDS Wolf, JPEGMAFIA, and R. Stevie Moore.

Now, at the dawn of 2018, we at TMT are humbled to announce False Positive Crew: Deathbomb Arc 20 Year Anniversary, a compilation full of unlikely collaborations, new bands, and even a few solo tracks. This clearly isn’t some throwaway, track-clearance release, and we have proof, as TMT has the pleasure of premiering the comp’s intro track, “Blowing Away,” by Miguel Mendez and Jonathan Snipes of clipping. Here’s what Mendez had to say about the track:

For years Brian suggested that Jonathan and I collaborate. I, obtusely, could never look beyond the huge gap in our respective styles and failed to understand what Brian saw: a solution, like to a puzzle—a songwriter and a beat master, both desperately looking to sell out; trite pop meanderings polished into submission by force-feeding them yoga beats; the verses of one pretension held aloft by the staggering bass-mirage of another. Listen carefully and you can faintly hear the moment our souls whisper into dust.

Sound appealing? Well, get this: you can subscribe to this celebration and keep it going all year long. As part of the label’s anniversary, there will a series of releases put out throughout the year. Subscribers will get all the physical releases announced this week (official list comes Friday), plus any future additions, PLUS digital copies of everything before anyone else, all for a flat rate. For all your pre-sale needs click here.

This is only the beginning.

Artwork by Julie Moon

False Positive Crew: Deathbomb Arc 20 Year Anniversary tracklisting:

01. Miguel Mendez and Jonathan Snipes - Blowing Away
02. Margot Padilla, Hareld, and Brittany Love - Catacombs
03. Nah and Lil QT - Bigger Might Be Better
04. Slowcoach and Scrolls - Grinding Sun
05. SHADI - Glock Tight
06. They Hate Change and Yo! - Low Key
07. Boyz Die - Tulpa
08. Orlando Kennedy - Sometimes Love
09. GRYPT, JPEGMAFIA, True Neutral, and SHADI - Vote With a Dollar
10. Plack Blague - Destroy The Identity (Lana Del Rabies remix)
11. Hareld - Wish You Were Here
12. SARN and Hareld - 18 Shots
13. Signor Benedick The Moor and Slowcoach - How Can We Make Love At A Time Like This?

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