Debby Friday drops new single and video for “Fatal” off forthcoming EP

Debby Friday drops new single and video for "Fatal" off forthcoming EP

In an interview only just over a month ago, Debby Friday and I spoke about her performance at this year’s Obey Convention, the experimental music festival located way up in Nova Scotia. I was immediately struck by how Debby internalizes so much of the daily process of being an artist to the point of having created her own ethos, “Bitchpunk.”

Having come to terms with who she’s become across her artistic development, Debby has seen her share of scars, speaking abstractly about grief and love in the same breath. But Debby has also gotten closer to crystallizing her artistic message involving angry shouting and angrier beats over the past year. Now, she returns with a new track, “Fatal,” which is also her first video (though she’s realized installations with video in the past).

The track, what Debby describes as encompassing “a karmic and inevitable attraction…the great and terrible power of love to destroy us, swallow us whole and birth us anew,” should be exactly what to expect from the same mind that brought us a research paper-cum-manifesto titled “Shouting as Aesthetic Practice.”

“Fatal” was written last summer, when Debby “begged the universe to let love transform me.” The clip, shot in 16mm (that’s film, kiddies!) around British Columbia, shows Debby running and cavorting; but there’s a catharsis here that’s more than meets the eye: “Passion becomes revenge becomes grace becomes shame becomes fury becomes fuel becomes push becomes pull becomes release.”

Listen to “Fatal” below, and check out Debby’s new EP, Death Drive, on Deathbomb Arc August 16. And remember the name – you’ll be hearing more from her.

Death Drive EP tracklisting:

01. Tear The Veil
02. Fatal
03. Treason (feat. Lana Del Rabies)
04. Good And Evil
05. Neight Fictive (feat. Chino Amobi)

Upcoming live dates:

08.14.19 - Victoria, BC - Centennial Square, FREE Show (w/ Mob Bounce)
08.17.19 - Montreal, QC - La Vitrola (w/ Petra Glynt & Jerico)
09.28.19 - Vancouver, BC - New Forms Festival

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