Dedekind Cut sneaks a 20-minute, two-track release out into the ether

Dedekind Cut sneaks a 20-minute, two-track release out into the ether

The ever-prolific Dedekind Cut has already treated us to a collaborative mixtape, a new EP, and a re-duxed old EP over the past six months; but you don’t get a reputation for being “ever-prolific” by dropping a paltry few releases a year. Accordingly, we now have his latest missive, a new 20-minute, two-track release titled MAÏNSTREAM 1/4 (about time, Dedekind Cut).

The digital single popped up with minimal fanfare on Dedekind Cut’s SoundCloud page, where it is currently available for free download. It’s apparently the first in four installments of the MAÏNSTREAM series (hence: 1/4). Here’s what DK had to say about it all…

Avoid the gleaming desire of / & giving the power to those you seek’s approval..

The artWORK is a homage to home.. Sacramento and a important person to me and the scene who passed this year “Dan 0 “, more then a reference to deftones
rip Dan 916

After you’re done parsing that text, check out Dedekind’s new cuts for yourself down below. Make sure you avoid that “gleaming desire” while you attempt to listen and download, though. Otherwise, it might not work.

MAÏNSTREAM 1/4  tracklisting:


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