Deerhoof Releases First Single from New LP as a Score, Intended for Every Good Boy Who Deserves Fudge

Grab your keytars and get crackin’, people -- Deerhoof have a new single coming your way! Ever the clever cookies, the band has left you, the consumer, with the task of recording their latest dittie, “Fresh Born,” from their upcoming album Offend Maggie (TMT News), based on the sheet music the foursome has provided.

In an effort to prevent any track leaks (and to do something really cool), Deerhoof wants you to download the tune’s sheet music here, record your own version, post it on your blog or website, then post the link back here at the same place you got it. Deerhoof plans on releasing their own version soon, but first they want to see all your smiling MP3s up on that website!

Deerhoof sent their fans to work on the song at the band’s recent show at New York City’s Prospect Park, but unless you speak fluent toy piano or ukulele, it’s hard to identify what the song sounds like just yet. All the more reason for you to do it yourself, ya bum! Let’s hope that these past few years of pot smoking and American Gladiators hasn’t destroyed all memory of your childhood piano lessons.

Offend Maggie drops October 7 from Kill Rock Stars. Here are a couple of dates to hold you over until then:
07.27.08 – Hollywood, CA – Hollywood Bowl
08.31.08 – Vancouver, BC – The Malkin Bowl

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